Frequently Asked Questions

We have tried our best to answer some common questions but if you don't find your concern here, don't worry! Reach us via our support form!

What is EarnBTC?
EarnBTC is new concept GPT which allow advertisers to reach thousands of potential customers displaying their ads on EarnbtC and users can earn BTC just viewing them.
How can I Earn?
You can earn by watching ads, autosurf, offerwalls. There are also referral contest and many other earning options.
Can I have more than 1 account?
Users can only have 1 account per internet connection, it’s forbidden to create more than one account per internet connection/pc. If you create different accounts you will be banned. You have been warned!
How can I register to EarnBTC?
It’s simple and it will take less than a minute. Click here and type your email, than get verification email and you are done! We only ask your email and name, we care about privacy of our users!
How can I invite someone as “Referral”?
Once registered an account you can go to Promotional Tools and you can find your referral link and other promotional materials, all people that register under your referral link will be your referrals.
Is there any referral limit?
There is no any limit in the amount of referral you can have. It’s strictly forbidden to create fake referrals to earn the commission from them.
How can I request withdrawal?
Once reached the threshold, you can just go to withdrawals page and full out the form. There you can choose between bitcoin address direct or FaucetHub.io (Please note that via direct bitcoin address fee can occur)
What “Standard+” (in membership) stand for?
"Standard+" is a lifetime membership which is given as a bonus to the first 10,000 users registered into EarnBTC.
How many ads can I watch a day?
Users can watch all available ads every day, there is no limitation. There are hundreds of ads available every day!
How many time can I withdrawal in a day?
You can withdraw anytime you reach the withdrawal threshold. You can request withdrawal once per day.