Framed Ads

Watch in-frame ads and earn money for your time! Once countdown is over you instantly get credited in your account.

Hundreds of ads are waiting for you, earn up to 100 sats per click!

38 ads available. Earn over 247.5 sats

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Auto Surfer

Do you want to earn faster? Just launch Auto Surfer and it will make the “hard” work for you, you will watch over 200+ ads in few minutes with a massive returns.

Here at EarnBTC your time is LITERALLY money!

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Roll & Win

Another option to appreciate your time you spend at EarnbtC! Increase your opportunity to win a big prize pot with a fantastic “Roll&Win” game.

The game is totally free and you can win upto 0.01 BTC BTC every hour!

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Offerwalls (Coming Soon)

Tired of clicking ads? Do you want a real extra income from home?
Offerwall is what you need!

Complete some offers like surveys or polls to get paid up to 0.01 BTC BTC a day!

  Coming Soon